We try to serve the best and most creative Hot Dogs in Town.  The best bread combined with an original Frankfurter or Soja Sausage, topped with seasonal and classic toppings.

Every month there is a special Dog Of The Month offer for open minded people.

We also offer a great variety of vegan foods and Tapas like Hummus, Beef Tartar, etc



We are specialized in Cocktails, Longdrinks anderen homemade ICE Teas + Lemonades. Together with our partners from the beverage industry we try to offer you a unique drink menu that is always "up to date". We scan every trend in the bar community and if we like it, we present it to you.

Cocktails are changing every 3 months and are always seasonal inspired so that we can use the freshest products from our region.

If we have the ingredients in stock, we would like to make your loved classic cocktail as well.

Go green

Our aim is to act as environmental friendly as possible. We know that every company is responsible for their waste and energy use and we are working day to day to save both.

From the beginning we dont use plastic straws or packings. We try to use as much organic products as we can and finally we have an vegan alternative to every dish we serve,

We support underdogs

We support all underdogs!

Means that we offer you a variety of Lemonades, Sodas, Fillers, Spririts and food that is produced in small companies mostly form our region and Austria. They are expected to lose the battle against the big beverage industry and we support them!